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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS Gateway is designed using advanced technology and up to date methods that help you provide maximum uptime and importantly maximum message delivery. It gets easily SMS enabled within your business for any website or applications you are using with our SMS Gateway. It enables you to send SMS messages using our Bulk SMS Gateway.

We have multiple interfaces to send BULK SMS which includes:

  • Web based console
  • HTTP API which you can integrate into your application

Special Features:

  • Normal SMS, 160 Characters.
  • Any originator, also alphanumeric
  • Phonebook with the ability to detect duplicates
  • Functions to import text files, spreadsheets and other SMS databases
  • Detailed tracking and documentation of your sending
  • Send log with delivery notifications
  • Very detailed explanations regarding the delivery state of messages
  • Deferred delivery time with the ability to define periodic send-jobs
  • No need for additional hardware, only access to the Internet required
  • Sending of bulk messages possible

Other Features includes:

• Creating contacts in different categories
• Report center

Bulk SMS Pricing

Country Value Price
Bangladesh 5000-9999 0.60 Tk (Robi, Airtel)
GP - 0.60 tk (Non Masking)
GP - 0.80 tk (Masking)
Teletalk - 0.65 Tk,
Banglalink - 0.65 Tk,
Citycell – 1.20 Tk
Bangladesh 10000-19999 0.55 Tk (Robi, Airtel)
GP - 0.55 tk (Non Masking)
GP - 0.75 tk (Masking)
Teletalk - 0.65 Tk,
Banglalink - 0.65 Tk,
Citycell – 1.20 Tk
Bangladesh 20000-49999 0.50 Tk (Robi, Airtel)
GP - 0.50 tk (Non Masking)
GP - 0.70 tk (Masking)
Teletalk - 0.60 Tk,
Banglalink - 0.60 Tk,
Citycell – 1.20 Tk
Bangladesh 50000-50000+ 0.45 Tk (GP, Robi, Airtel)
GP - 0.60 tk (Non Masking)
GP - 0.70 tk (Masking)
Teletalk - 0.60 Tk,
Banglalink - 0.60 Tk,
Citycell – 1.20 Tk

Scope of Our SMS Services

  • Job Notification
  • General Info (Office Address, Service Details)
  • Specific Information (Training/Cultural Program)
  • Notice / Greeting (Official / Occasional for target people)
  • Reminder for Due Payment / Due Inquiry
  • Events: Voting, Quiz contest (From on different programs of various media like TV/Radio/Newspaper) Event Notification (Meeting ,Program ,others, Training)

Benefits of Cell/Mobile Phone SMS Services

  • Now sms is a very effective way of direct communication.
  • People always check their SMS quickly
  • It has the power to create instant response
  • The response is very helpful to boost up your business
  • Cheap cost marketing communication

Database:(Corporate Area: Total 8,50,000+ Mobile No.)

  • Advocated List = 4,800
  • Bangladesh Electronic Association = 3700
  • FBCCI = 2000
  • Banglalink--Dhanmondi..m.pur, = 88,226
  • Bio-Chemistry In Bangladesh
  • BSMMU = 350
  • Business Man & Higher Officials = 42,411
  • CHAIRMAN, MD, PARTNER, CEO-Dhaka = 15,000
  • Dhaka Gulshan = 50000
  • DIU Nm
  • DOCTOR In Dhaka City = 10,436
  • Grameenphone - Dhanmondi, farmgate,m. pur, = 1,06082
  • Job Holder Cell Nm In Dhaka City = 61,184
  • Kallanpur,Mirpur All = 1,19,575
  • Mirpur st
  • BCI Member
  • Saifurs st
  • VIP LIST In Dhaka CITY.=38,913

To send from our database 0.10 per Number.

ie. 50000 Number X 0.10 = 5000.00 tk. Only. (Excluded Sending Charge)

For sale 0.20 per Number.

ie. 50000 Number X 0.20 = 10000.00 tk. Only. (Excluded Sending Charge)

* 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) +15 % VAT on price inclusive of SD will be applicable
** Grameenphone Masking: Information, Invitation, Offer, Discount, Eid Mubarak, Vote for me
*** If you want company name as a masking for GP then you have to pay 10,000 taka(One time) & we need 7 working days to activate the masking for grameenphone

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